Tuesday May 9, 2017 to Wednesday May 10, 2017

Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State.

IT Projects, Innovations, and Change Management

This programme is aimed at providing essential skills and techniques required for modern Information Technology Project Management. The programme will provide a comprehensive examination of Information Technology (IT) project management process, from the initiation of the project through to the planning, design, execution, deployment and full acceptance.

Tuesday Jul 25, 2017 to Thursday Jul 27, 2017



According to the IT research firm, IDC, the world’s information is doubling every two years. In 2011 IDC estimated that about 1.8 zettabytes was created. Putting that in context, 1.8 zettabytes is the equivalent of 200 billion HD movies. To create a better experience for your customers, run a more efficient enterprise, make better decisions, and do so faster than competitors, organizations make meaning out of the mind boggling information (BIG DATA) swirling in and out of their organizations or risk being rendered irrelevant.

Tuesday Sep 12, 2017 to Thursday Sep 14, 2017


Corporate Data Management, Cyber Security& Forensic Computing

In any organization, Data is considered a primary asset and as such must be managed and protected in a manner commensurate to its value. Security of corporate data is also necessary in today’s environment because data processing represents a concentration of valuable assets in the form of information, equipment and personnel. The dependence on automated information system for management decision and the driving of the core operations of many organizations by electronic devices create a unique vulnerability for such organizations.

Tuesday Nov 21, 2017 to Thursday Nov 23, 2017



In recent times, technology has continued to make huge difference in enhancing and promoting government and business operations. The pace of change will continue to grow and the effect will be astonishing. Information Technology is the driver of this change. However, requisite knowledge and skills in the application of IT are required since Nigeria needs continuous and effective adoption of emerging technologies to enhance all areas of development. Technology-assisted learning has begun to make a significant contribution to economic growth in many countries. Consequently, there is the need for Nigeria to benefit from this trend and move towards a transformed Nigeria through technology

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