Level 02-Pre Professional Examinations

The pre-professional examinations are designed as entry level path for those ultimately desirous of being chartered IT Professionals. The contents comprise courses that embody the stipulations specified for the National Diploma Certificates and equivalents obtainable in the Polytechnic and Colleges of Education system.

There are two levels of qualifications to be certified under the category of Pre-Professional Certificates. These are:

1.      CPN Foundation Certificate I (CFC I)

2.      CPN Foundation Certificate II (CFC II)

The body of knowledge contained in the CFC is intended to introduce IT Basics at levels  roughly equivalent to that of anyone who may have successfully completed 2 semesters at ND I level in a formal institution. The CFC is also equivalent to having completed an additional 2 semesters at ND II level. The table below highlights the relative academic and career weights to be accorded the two CPN qualifications.


CPN Certifications

Academic Placement

Civil Service Placement


ND I Level - Polytechnic

GL 05


ND II Level - Polytechnic

200 Level-University

GL 06


Candidates who passes both the CFC I and CFC II are thus hereby deemed to have an equivalent of National Diploma based on the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE) Standard and Curriculum and can seek direct entry admission into 200 level in Universities.

The second category are self study candidates who are expected to furnish evidence of having undergone formal training for at least 300 Credit Hours in a CPN Accredited Training Institution for each of the respective qualifications.

Additionally, anyone who must possess the basic SSCE (WAEC/NECO) qualification and have satisfied the minimum stipulations by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). They could in addition be in the following categories:

  • Established IT professionals who need a bachelor&rsquos degree and additional certifications to advance their careers.
  • Experienced professionals with &ldquoreal world&rdquo experience who seek a broad foundation of IT skills and the IT certifications to get ahead.
  • Individuals who have completed some college coursework or have applicable work experience.
  • Individuals who can typically spend 15 or more hours per week on their studies.
  • The information Technology sector has several renowned competency certifications evidencing the acquisition of demonstrable skills. Below is a selection of IT certifications that may be transferable:
    • Cisco Certifications
    • ORACLE Certification
    • CIW Certifications
    • Oracle/Java Certifications
    • Adobe
    • AutoDesk/IC3
    • CompTIA Certifications
    • Microsoft Certifications
    • Project Management Institute Certifications

CPN Foundation Certificate I (CFC I) Examination

CFC 2110 - Basic Computing Concepts

CFC 2120 - Principles of Programming / System Analysis and Design

CFC 2130 - Operating Systems

CFC 2140 - Data Structures and Algorithm

CFC 2150 - Multimedia Techniques

CFC 2160 - Digital Electronics/ Basic Hardware Maintenance

CFC 2170- Network Design Topology and Protocols

CPN Foundation Certificate I (CFC II) Examination


CFC 2210 - Management Information System

CFC 2220 - Introduction to Programming Languages and Database

CFC 2230 - Computer Architecture

CFC 2240 - Multimedia Programming/Digital Film Animation

CFC 2250 - Network Technologies/ Security

CFC 2260 - Entrepreneurship Development

CFC 2270 - Computer and Society, Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


The second category are self-studied candidates who are expected to produce evidence of having undergone formal training in hands-on areas of the courses for at least three (3)  months in any CPN Accredited Training Institution.

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