The Act 49 of 1993 that established CPN makes it mandatory for all persons and organizations seeking to engage in the sale and/or use of computing facilities, and/or the provision of professional services in computing in the country to be registered by the Council and licensed to carry out such activities. It is definitely illegal to engage in computing professional practice without satisfying the above conditions –registration and possession of a current valid license.

If application is successful, an applicant is requested to pay a once- for-all registration fee and the license fee for the current year. The applicant’s name will be inserted in the register and for the applicant to commence professional activities respectfully.


Persons and corporate bodies that are registered and hold current valid licence, apart from being eligible to carry out business, stand to enjoy benefits including but not limited to;

  • Raised professional standards/status and recognition as a registered computing practitioners that is allowed to use Chartered Information Technology Practitioner (C.I.T.P) after their names.
  • Projection from the public from exploitation, harassment etc in the course of performing bonafide, legitimate professional activities.
  • Right to use the Council’s insignia (e.g. individualized seal, crest/plaque, ties, clips etc).
  • Meet and network new professional friends at our regular network meetings.
  • Corporate business network and harnessing of business opportunities.
  • Online business/professional discussions and exchange of ideas.
  • Non-stop training and development.
  • Access to and attendance at regular professional programmes  (Conferences, Seminars, Symposia, Workshops and , Continuing Professional Education and  Training etc]
  • Entrepreneurial development and workshops for start-ups
  • Registered members stand to enjoy reciprocal registration with foreign computer professional bodies.
  • On payment of the stipulated fee, a successful applicant is issued a registration number, the current year license and an individualized seal
  • Awards and recognition

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