Download Application form, Complete and pay the application fee (NGN10,000.00) at the Bank or online,  submit completed form with curriculum vitae, and copies of credentials.

1. A prospective member, who has served (NYSC), by October 2007, would attend ERP (Executive Registration Programme) and qualifies for Full membership. ERP costs N80, 000.00 only

2. A prospective member, who has served (NYSC) between 2008 & 2009, would attend ERP but qualifies for Associate membership. For upgrade to Full member, would write CPE 3 exam. CPE 3 exam costs N96. 200.00 + exam form of N2, 000.00 = N98, 200.00

3. 2010 - 2012, would start from CPE (Computer Professional Exam) 2 exam and qualifies for Associate membership. CPE 2 costs N28, 700.00 + exam form = N30, 700.00

4. 2013 - up until now, with graduate induction ( the individual should have been inducted in his/her school by CPN) would start from CPE 2 exam

5. 2013 - up until now, no graduate induction in school, would start from CPE 1, no matter the qualification. CPE 1 costs N26, 700 + exam form = N28, 700.00.


  • The duly completed application form (together with ALL relevant supporting documents) is submitted to the Secretariat 
  • On receipt of the application form in the previous step, the Secretariat dispatches an acknowledgement letter to the applicant
  • Appropriate processing of the form then commences
  • Successful applicants shall be informed in writing and invited for induction 
  • Every registered member(individual or corporate) is required thereafter to pay annually, a licence fee (to renew the practitioners licence) to enable computing professional practice by such a member(individual or corporate)

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