CORPORATE: Purchase of form is N30, 000.00 and submit alongside the form, the following

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Company profile
  3. Three self addressed stamped envelopes
  4. Evidence of affiliation with relevant association, e.g NCS
  5. Photocopy of receipt
  6. A portion of the form to be fully endorsed by two financial current CPN full members
  7. Article of memorandum
  8. Form CO7


  • Applicant purchases the registration application form
  • The duly completed application form (together with ALL relevant supporting documents) is submitted to the Secretariat 
  • On receipt of the application form in the previous step, the Secretariat dispatches an acknowledgement letter to the applicant
  • Appropriate processing of the form then commences
  • Successful applicants shall be informed in writing and invited for induction 
  • Every registered member(individual or corporate) is required thereafter to pay annually, a licence fee (to renew the practitioners licence) to enable computing professional practice by such a member(individual or corporate)

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