Multimedia Technology (MMT) track encompass a variety of disciplines such as digital arts, recording arts, visual communication, animation, and information technology. They also include a number of internet-related courses, including the design and creation of websites. It prepares students to work with computers and use the skills they gain to create graphic models for a variety of delivery media: paper, plastic, textile and the web. It will also prepare participants for careers in recording sounds, video and animations.

Typical technologies expected for mastery include: Java C# Javascript ASP PHP HTML WML Flash Director Final Cut Pro/Adobe Premiere DVD Studio Pro/DVD Production Sound/Music Production Desktop Publishing 3D Animation/Modelling Content Management Systems. The MMT track has two inherent specializations.

  • Graduates of  the Digital Media Design specialization are expected to transform their respective passions for graphic design and animation into a career dedicated to interactive multimedia creation. They are expected to learn how to navigate with ease today&rsquos most leading-edge industry digital design software, such as Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Dreamweaver®, Flash® and Blender to build user-friendly and engaging graphics, render motion graphics, and create interactive media projects.
  • Web Technologies Specialists are expected to demonstrate abilities for the creation of new, engaging, and effective web-based media using multimedia software tools such as Dreamweaver®, Fireworks, HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL and in Content Management Systems environments. Graduates are expected to have an extensive understanding of web design strategies and tactics, as well as a professional portfolio of digital design work, towards profitable careers as Web designer and managers.





CIS 3101 - Management Information Systems (MIS)/Business Systems Analysis

CIS 3201 - Information Systems Development

CCC 3301 - Evolving Information Technologies

MMT 3101 - Visual Studies and Web Media

MMT 3201 - Digital Media Production

CCC 3302 - IT Project Management

MMT 3102 - Digital Media, Computing and Programming

MMT 3202 - User Interface Design

CCC 3303 - Case Studies & interview

MMT 3103 - Digital Media Foundations

MMT 3203 - Design for Moving Image

MMT 3301 - e-Business Strategy

MMT 3104 - Interaction Design

MMT 3204 - Computers and Music / Sound Design

MMT 3302 - Multimedia Television

MMT 3105 - Information and Content Management

MMT 3205 - Web Technologies

MMT 3303 - Advanced Modeling and Character Animation


MMT 3206 - Web Applications Development

MMT 3304 - Enterprise Web Software Development

Career Prospects

The Course is focused on developing the visual graphic and information design skills required to create compelling web sites, based on the syllabus of the International Webmasters Association (IWA)

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