This programme is designed for those who wish to become business analysts, designers and managers of information systems in business and industry. It develops the personal and professional skills necessary to work with organizations in the analysis, design, building and management of information systems.

Students learn how to:

  • use industry-standard system building tools and packages
  • develop skills in database design, development and implementation
  • effectively use current analysis and design techniques for the development of information systems
  • examine the role of new and emerging technologies in areas such as the internet, e-commerce and distributed information systems
  • use project management techniques and explore issues relating to the management and development of information systems
  • put personal and professional skills and ideas into practice, working both individually and in teams, preparing for careers in industry and commerce.





CIS 3101- Management Information Systems (MIS)/Business Systems Analysis

CIS 3102- Information Technology Planning

CIS 3103- Computer Systems and Internet Technologies

CIS 3104- Computer Programming

CIS 3105- Database Techniques

MMT 3205 - Web Technologies

CIS 3201- Information Systems Development

CIS 3202- Information and Content Management

CIS 3203- Web Database Applications

CIS 3204- Information Analysis/Information Requirement Analysis


CCC 3301 - Evolving Information Technologies

CCC 3302 - IT Project Management

CCC 3303 - Case Studies & interview

MMT 3301 - e-Business Strategy

CIS 3301- Database Management & Administration

CIS 3302- IS Development, Frameworks and Methods

CIS 3303- Data Warehousing

Career Prospects

CIS professionals play a vital role in solving strategic business problems by designing computer based operations. They have to analyze the existing business systems and explore novel ideas to optimize technological performance in an organization.

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