Computer Engineering (CEN)

The Computer Engineering Trackintroduces the latest technologies to develop a sound theoretical understanding and in-depth practical experience of advanced networking together with the design and management of modern distributed computer systems. It is intended to provide a solid background in computer science to enable an in depth study of security and forensics, thereby introducing the participant to the latest generation of tools and technologies employed by the police high-tech crime units and forensic laboratories.

The track substantially covers the subject areas specified forindustrial examinations such as Cisco, Microsoft and Sun certifications.





CIS 3101 - Management Information Systems (MIS)

SEN 3101 - Operating Systems

SEN 3102 - Basic Programming Techniques

CEN 3101 - Digital Electronic and Logic Design

CEN 3102 - Computer Systems Architectures

CEN 3103 -  Network Technologies

CEN 3201 - VLSI System Design

CEN 3202 - Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

CEN 3203 - Advanced Computer System Repairs and Maintenance

CEN 3204 - Mobile Devices and Applications

CEN 3205 - Computer Electronics II / Embedded Systems Development

GCC 3301 - Evolving Information Technologies

GCC 3302 - IT Project Management

GGCC 3303 &ndash Technical Report

GCC 3304-Strategic Planning and Innovation

SEN 3301 - Database Engineering

CEN 3301 - Digital System Testing and Testable Design

CEN 3302 - Artificial intelligence and Robotics



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