Multimedia Technology (MMT)

Multimedia Technology (MMT) track encompasses a variety of disciplines such as digital arts, recording arts, visual communication, animation, and Information Technology (IT). The track also includes a number of internet-related courses like design and creation of websites. It prepares candidates to work with computers and use the skills they gain to create graphic models for a variety of delivery media: Digital Publishing: paper, plastic, textile and the web. It will also prepare candidates for career progression in recording sounds, video and animations.

Typical technologies expected for mastery include: Java C# JavaScript ASP PHP HTML WML Flash Director Final Cut Pro/Adobe Premiere DVD Studio Pro/DVD Production Sound/Music Production Desktop Publishing 3D Animation/Modelling Content Management Systems. The MMT track has two inherent specializations.

  • Graduates of the Digital Media Design specialization are expected to transform their respective passions for graphic design and animation into a career dedicated to interactive multimedia creation. They are expected to learn how to navigate with ease today&rsquos most leading-edge industry digital design software, such as Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Dreamweaver®, Flash® and Blender to build user-friendly and engaging graphics, render motion graphics, and create interactive media projects.
  • Web Technologies Specialists are expected to demonstrate abilities for the creation of new, engaging, and effective web-based media using multimedia software tools such as Dreamweaver, Fireworks, HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL and in Content Management Systems environments. Graduates are expected to have an extensive understanding of web design strategies and tactics, as well as a professional portfolio of digital design work, towards profitable careers as Web designer and managers.





CIS 3101 - Management Information Systems (MIS)

CIS 3201 - Information Systems Development

GCC 3301 - Evolving Information Technologies

MMT 3101 - Visual Studies and Web Media

MMT 3201 - Digital Media Production

GCC 3302 - IT Project Management

MMT 3102 - Digital Media Foundation and Computing

MMT 3202 - User Interface Design

GCC 3303 &ndash Technical Report

MMT 3104 - Interaction Design

MMT 3203 - Design for Moving Image

GCC 3304-Strategic Planning and Innovation

MMT 3105 - Information and Content Management

MMT 3204 - Computers and Music / Sound Design

MMT 3301 - e-Business Strategy


MMT 3205 - Web Technologies

MMT 3302 - Multimedia Television


MMT 3206 - Web Applications Development

MMT 3303 - Advanced Modeling and Character Animation



MMT 3304 - Enterprise Web Software Development


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