The CPN Literacy Certificate I are targeted everyone that is desirous of being IT literate, along with official recognition of the attained competence. The computer fundamentals and applied use of software packages are designed for everyone with basic education at the level of SSCE. They are also meant for graduates in any discipline including the Arts and Social Sciences with interest in becoming computer literate. It is expected that those presenting themselves for this qualification must have undergone formal training for at least 90 Hours in a CPN Accredited institution or certified by a Chartered Member of CPN.

This qualification is intended for everyone as an evidence of being computer literate, thereby being functionally equipped to live in the digital, online and cash less environment.

It is expected that holders would have been introduced to computer systems towards the mastery of basic IT skills and serve as building blocks for subsequent development of advanced expertise. They would also have been introduced to the fundamental principles of computer technology as an essential tool for office management and enhancement of productivity.

The certificate is intended for acquisition by everyone regardless of age and academic attainment. The examination for this qualification shall comprise two (2) papers:

CLC 11 - Computer Hardware Systems and Internet Basics

CLC 12 - Computer Software Packages

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