IT Projects, Innovations, and Change Management


Recently, there has been increasing high failure rates of Information Technology (IT) projects all over the world. Since more individuals, organisations and governments continue to use IT-based systems for their day-to-day operations, it is then pertinent to effectively improve the processes of IT delivery. Consequently, there is the need for technical advancement and improved strategies in Information Technology projects execution and delivery.

Since business environment continue to increase in complexity, managing change and innovation becomes difficult. Innovation inherently requires some level of change. Goal oriented and profitable change requires learning. However, learning is usually reactionary in humans and organizations. Innovation has become an imperative component of sustaining competitive advantage for many companies. The larger the organization, the more challenges likely to be faced throughout the innovation process. Nowadays, achieving success in managing change requires extensive thought preparation, and careful execution.

This Mandatory Continuous Development Programme (MCPD) is aimed at providing essential skills and techniques required for modern Information Technology Project, Change and Innovation Management.  The programme will provide a comprehensive examination of Information Technology (IT) project management process, from the initiation of the project through to the planning, design, execution, deployment and full acceptance.

For business- and safety-critical systems, not only that efficient IT project management methodologies must be adopted, they are also required for creating new, dependable and acceptable products and services. This programme was designed to generally improve service delivery and overall acceptance of IT products made in Nigeria.



        i.            Introduction to IT Project Management

      ii.            Modern strategies for wining IT Projects

    iii.            Communication Skills

    iv.            Result-oriented negotiation strategies

      v.            Critical thinking

    vi.            IT Project management life cycles

  vii.            IT Project management methodologies (Agile, Lean, Scrum, Web-based, etc.)

viii.            Outsourcing

    ix.            Risk management

      x.            Change management

    xi.            Innovation processes

  xii.            Decision making processes

xiii.            Enterprise IT project management

xiv.            Leadership and team management

  xv.            Quality management and benchmarking

xvi.            Project recovery techniques

xvii.            Environment and political factors in IT projects

xviii.            Use of some specialised PM Software like MS – Project, Aceproject, etc.

Who Should Attend

Directors and Managers of IT, project Managers and team Leaders, Project team members, Software and hardware Engineers, Network Engineers, Developers, Lecturers, Sales Managers/representatives, IT Professionals, Project office staff members, from private and public Organisations.


Learning Method

Lecture, individual and group exercise, action learning workshop and case studies, and group discussions.

For Further enquiries: Call  Aliyu on 08032893551

Tuesday Oct 29, 2019 to Thursday Oct 31, 2019

NGN 80000 (Members)
NGN 85000 (Non-Members)


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This MCPD Programme is available for delivery as In-Plant/Onsite training Programme. Contact the Programme Coordinator, Mr. Sulaiman on 08098151310 to request a Special or Onsite Programme.

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