Overview (Introduction)

Deep Learning is one of the most exciting and promising segments of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies. This deep learning course  is designed to help you master deep learning techniques and build deep learning models using various tools designed for the purpose of conducting machine learning and deep neural networks research, and other popular software platforms  containing powerful tools to help you build and implement artificial neural networks.


Advancements in deep learning are being seen in smartphone applications, creating efficiencies in the power grid, driving advancements in healthcare, improving agricultural yields, and in profiling customer behaviour in digital marketing and Financial Sector. With this Course, you’ll build expertise in deep learning models, learn to operate and manage neural networks, and interpret the results 

Training Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

Gain Strategic Advantage using Deep learning

Gain a comprehensive overview of Deep Learning and discover intricate structures in large data sets by using powerful algorithms

Get The Latest Insight in Deep Learning

Get to grips with the enabling technologies, from neural networks to big data, as well as their applications in various industries

Understand the impact of Deep Learning in your business and devise a strategy to move the organization forward

You will gain hands-on experience as you:

Build your own deep learning infrastructure in the cloud

Debug your models with visualization tools

Create your own deep learning models for image, text and time series data


Define machine learning (ML) and deep learning

Identify the concepts in a deep learning 

Fit AWS solutions for deep learning deployments

Understand the role of Deep Learning in healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, customer service and finance

Look at the landscape of how Artificial Intelligence stands today, why it is gravitating towards Deep Learning and how that fits in to your organization’s future

Review key enabling technologies including big data and computing processing

Learn to personalize the customer experience from Google searches to Amazon recommendations

Devise a strategy to move the organization forward that focused on the company’s most pressing points to leverage Deep Learning

Embed Deep Learning in your organization’s existing technology development life-cycle

Understand why unsupervised learning will become far more important in the future

Loads of practical tips on how to apply Deep Learning quickly when you have limited data and computation power .

Closing Date: Registration Closes 6th November, 2018

Target Audience: Software Developer, Business Analyst, Business Process Innovators, and Chief AI Officers.

Tuesday Dec 11, 2018 to Thursday Dec 13, 2018

NGN 85000 (Members)
NGN 90000 (Non-Members)

New Keffi Hotel LTD, Keffi-Akwanga Express Way.
Along Keffi-Akwanga Express Way, Keffi, Nassarawa State., Keffi, Nassarawa State

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