AIM: This course is an immersive experience into Design Thinking - an empathy-based, human-centered, and rapid prototype-driven methodology for innovation. Design Thinking helps to tackle challenges such as the creation of new products, technological innovation, services, business models, experiences, processes and/or systems. The primary aim of the course is to empower students to start, launch, run, and successfully complete innovation projects that have a significant and meaningful impact on pioneering organizations and industries. The course encompasses intensive sessions on need finding, empathy, observation, immersion, ethnographic research, brain-/body- storming, ideation, and rapid prototyping - all in the context of tackling cutting-edge technological challenges and addressing strategic industry objectives.


1. To recognize the latest and future issues and challenges in innovation.

2. To expose the participants with state of the art perspectives, ideas, concepts, and solutions related to the design and execution of innovation driven projects using design thinking principles.

3. To develop and advance innovation and growth mindset form of problem identification and reframing, foresight, hindsight and insight generation.

4. To prepare the mindset and discipline of systemic inspiration driven by an educated curiosity aimed at new sources of ideas, new connections and new models especially outside their regular operating atmosphere.

5. To recognize and specify the best problem to solve and restate the problem as a function of its mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive different dimensions.

6. To propose a concrete, feasible, viable and relevant innovation project/challenge


Data Analyst and Security Professionals, Software Designers, I.T Managers, Project Managers, Process Improvement Analyst/Engineers, Development Experts and Consultants,Technicians, Lecturers, Sales Managers/Representatives, IT Professionals and Project Office Staff Members and anyone interested in Data Management and Security from private to Public organisations.

Accommodation is not included in the course fee.


For registration and payment, kindly log on to

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Ijeoma 08035749609 Or Sulaiman 07037170379 

Tuesday Oct 13, 2020 to Thursday Oct 15, 2020

NGN 80000 (Members)
NGN 85000 (Non-Members)

De-Legend Hotel, behind House of Assembly complex new Owerri, Imo-State
De-Legend Hotel, behind House of Assembly complex new Owerri, Imo-State, OWERRI

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This MCPD Programme is available for delivery as In-Plant/Onsite training Programme. Contact the Programme Coordinator, Mr. Sulaiman on 08098151310 to request a Special or Onsite Programme.

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