AIM: Deep learning is part of the family of machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks.

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) tries to mimic the human brain functions, how information are processed and distributed. The notable difference between ANN and human brain is that ANN tends to be static and symbol in nature while the human brain is dynamic.

Deep learning has been applied into numerous fields such as speech recognition, computer vision, natural language process, social network security such as spam filtering and attacks detections, inspection of material, board games, medical image analysis, fraud detection etc. Every day deep learning is introduced into new fields in order to make life meaningful to man. This workshop provides firsthand knowledge of deep learning to its participants. Providing them with enough practical experience in deep learning using python. Python is a high-level scripting language that is commonly used in artificial intelligence. In this workshop, enough knowledge of python programming language will be passed to the participants to enable them to utilize the language efficiently in deep learning. One key benefit of deep learning is the fact that it deals with both structure and unstructured data since we have more unstructured data than structure data. Hence, this workshop will serve as a foundation to artificial intelligence and python programming language

OBJECTIVES: Participants will be introduced to programing environment, following that they will be introduced to basic python, were they will each solve individual basic problems using python.

Then, they will forward their knowledge to intermediate python where they will be split into groups and each group given different problems to solve using python.

Participants will then be introduced into version control system (Git to be precise) and taught how to collaborate using git.

Participant will then be introduced to machine learning, artificial neural networks, deep learningand a discussion session will be used where participants will identify current challenges that can be solved using deep learning.

Participants will then be taught on how to use deep learning using python

Participants will solve some problem using deep learning and python

TARGET AUDIENCE: Computer related practitioners who wants to advance their career in programming, artificial intelligence, interested in developing intelligence system or wants to use artificial intelligence in solving problems.

This workshop provides the necessary resources and skills in advancing skills and knowledge in archiving.

The fee covers Lectures, Tea/Coffee Break and Lunch, all Course Materials. 

Accommodation is not included in the course fee.


For registration and payment, kindly log on to

For further information, kindly contact any of the programme coordinator:

Mrs. Ufuoma Vaikosen 08091989523 Or Sulaiman 07037170379 


Tuesday Aug 4, 2020 to Thursday Aug 6, 2020

NGN 80000 (Members)
NGN 85000 (Non-Members)

PDTF Hall, ICT Centre, Rivers State University, Nkpolu, Rivers State, Port Harcourt.
PDTF Hall, ICT Centre, Rivers State University, Nkpolu, Rivers State, Port Harcourt., RIVERS

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This MCPD Programme is available for delivery as In-Plant/Onsite training Programme. Contact the Programme Coordinator, Mr. Sulaiman on 08098151310 to request a Special or Onsite Programme.

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