All MCPD Programmes are available for delivery as In-Plant/Onsite training Programmes. Contact the Programme Coordinator, Mr. Sulaiman on 08098151310 to request a Special or Onsite Programme.

Wednesday May 18, 2022 to Thursday May 19, 2022


The Effect of Pervasive Computing on Social Economic & Artificial Intelligence

This course gives a basic understanding to artificial intelligence and how it can be used to improve socioeconomic standards.

Wednesday Jun 22, 2022 to Thursday Jun 23, 2022


Information Security Management System – Introduction to ISO 27001 (2013)

This course is designed to promote awareness of the objectives and benefits of information security management system.

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022 to Thursday Jul 28, 2022


Global Norms, The Stability of Cyberspace and African Cybersecurity Strategy

This course provides general understanding to the development of the Norms and Principles guiding the stability of cyberspace.

Wednesday Aug 24, 2022 to Thursday Aug 25, 2022


Cyberspace, Cybersecurity & Computer Emergency Response Teams

The course addresses various underlying principles and techniques for detecting and responding to current and emerging computer security threats

Wednesday Sep 21, 2022 to Thursday Sep 22, 2022

Fundamentals of Cyber Security

This course provides general understanding about the importance of cyber security; create awareness on the growing cyber threats, cyber trends and internet radicalization

Wednesday Oct 19, 2022 to Thursday Oct 20, 2022

Cyber Crimes: Trends and Threats

This course provides an understanding of the current challenges of cybersecurity, most especially in the current global situation – increase digitisation and digital economy.

Wednesday Dec 7, 2022 to Thursday Dec 8, 2022



This training seeks to create "safe, secure,trusted , resilient and vibrant‘‘ cyberspace for economic progress.

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